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We know how pressed for time you are, and how little time you can spare figuring out whether we're the right fit for one another. We're all about saving time and reducing stress, so we've done some of that homework for you.

we've picked our colors, decided on a budget, and started selecting vendors. Between Pinterest and The Knot, do I really need a planner?

We're pretty lucky: Many of our couples come to us with a refined sense of style and at least a general vision of their wedding day. So why do they hire us?

We're experts on all things "I Do." The comment we hear most often is "We didn't know what we didn't know!" Happily, we do. We've been doing this a long time, and we know the vendors we can always count on, the quirks of each venue, the perfect photographer for your style, and how long it really takes to get all those bridesmaids ready. Without a planner, you'll have to claw your way up this learning curve on your own.

We've been told we're better at getting what you want than you are. What we're most proud of is our ability to put ourselves not only in your shoes but inside your head — understanding exactly what you're looking for and helping you find the best way to achieve it. Whether you're boggled by all the decisions you need to make or scratching your head over a roomful of décor purchases that just aren't coming together, we can help you develop a cohesive vision and take the pain out of the process at the same time.

We're passionate about love stories, and we're excited to help you tell yours. Our couples aren't looking for cookie-cutter weddings, full of trends but lacking in personality. They want their weddings to reflect their unique stories, and they choose us not only for our mad skills at project management but for our gift for storytelling. We love teasing out seemingly unrelated bits and pieces of your story together and turning them into a beautiful, meaningful and completely personal celebration.

We'll keep you on schedule and on budget, without scolding. If your room blocks still aren't squared away or you're thinking about adding a fireworks display that will double your budget, we're here to keep you on track and focused on the priorities you've laid out. Your wedding is probably the biggest party you'll throw in your life, and family dynamics, conflicting opinions, budget constraints, and the sheer amount of time it takes to navigate all that can be a huge source of stress. We're in your corner as a level-headed third party, serving as a sounding board while helping make sure you're not getting behind schedule or over budget.

We manage all the nitty-gritty. Would you rather spend the last few weeks before your wedding picking out outfits for your honeymoon and relaxing with a spa day, or reconfirming details and timelines with your vendors? Does your ideal wedding morning include sipping mimosas with your besties, or squeezing in a trip to your venue to be sure the rentals arrive on time and the florist has what she needs to start setting up? Hiring a planner to take care of the unglamorous stuff is a smart investment in your peace of mind, and our meticulous attention to logistics means all your plans will be executed flawlessly.

it sounds great ... but can we afford this?

It's tempting to think at the beginning of the process that planning help is an easy place to cut back.
"We know what we like."
"We're planners by nature."
"Our friends are amazing and they've promised to help."
"How hard can it be?"

But while it's not hard to assemble inspiration photos, it's another thing altogether to figure out which bits can be stitched together to create one that's both pretty and uniquely you. And that's before you get overwhelmed by the hundreds of details, where it's easy for anyone who hasn't managed an event this complex to overspend here, under-budget there, and miss some key pieces completely.

okay, can I afford not to have a planner?

So glad you asked! ;) The short answer is no.

We believe in making smart investments when it comes to planning your wedding, and we know how to help you make the most of your budget to achieve the wedding of your dreams. More importantly, though, hiring a wedding planner is key to ensuring that the biggest day of your life matches your expectations and goes off without a hitch. At Honeysuckle Events, we offer a range of services for a variety of needs, from full-service planning, starting at $4595, to wedding management, starting at just $1995.

Every couple we've ever worked with has told us that the peace of mind they gained the minute our contract was signed was worth many times their investment. But don't take our word for it; instead, see what some of our brides and grooms have to say.

our venue requires a day-of coordinator but I don't see that listed under your services.

There's a good reason for that.

"Day-of coordination" doesn't really exist. In fact, only the least experienced planners will tell you they can swoop in at the last minute and intuitively understand all the plans you've been making over the past year.

That's not us, so we offer a limited number of Wedding Management slots instead, including email support and access to our online planning portal throughout and active involvement in ALLLLL those details beginning two months before your wedding. It's a great option for couples who are excited about planning their weddings themselves but know they'll need help coming down the homestretch and an experienced planner who knows exactly how they want their day to unfold.

we're getting married on a Saturday in October ... what if you have another wedding that day? i'm worried you won't have time for us.

We never take more than one wedding per weekend, let alone on the same day. In fact, we accept only a limited number of commissions each month to ensure that you have our undivided attention as your big day approaches.

we've already signed a contract with an amazing photographer. will you work with vendors we've found on our own?

Definitely. With any of our services, we'll review all your contracts to fully understand your (and their) expectations, confirm every detail as your wedding gets closer, work closely with all your vendors to develop a detailed wedding-day timeline and — of course — coordinate with them throughout your wedding day so you're free to enjoy every moment.

I'm so tired of lugging around binders full of spreadsheets, proposals, contracts, and clippings ... and keeping my fiancé, wedding party and both moms up to date on all of it is killing me. can you help with that?

We sure can! We offer all our couples free access to an amazing cloud-based collaborative planning tool, with no limit to the number of planning partners you can invite to the table. Intuitive enough to master in minutes, it's just what you need to manage your planning checklist, build your timeline one bit of information at a time (the sun sets at 7:28 that day? check!), collect proposals and final contracts from your vendor team, track your overall budget and individual payment deadlines, make notes, organize reference photos, manage your guest list, plan your seating assignments, and more. Even better, you'll have it all at your fingertips wherever you go — on your phone, tablet or laptop.

do you offer a payment plan?

We do! Our typical payment structure calls for a non-refundable retainer when you sign the contract, with the balance due in easy installments and payable in full 14 days before your event.

do you carry liability insurance?


may we contact some of your other clients to see what it's like to work with you?

Of course! We'll provide you with their contact information at the end of our first meeting. In the meantime, take a look at some of the rave reviews we've received.

sounds like everything we've been looking for ... how do we get started?

We're excited to get to know you, hear about your needs and figure out what combination of services will be the best fit for you. Please email or call 910.599.2589 today to be sure your date is still available.


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