Honeysuckle Events Flower
Honeysuckle Events Flower

"For many people, honeysuckle is a sprawling collection of memories, a cluster of moments." — Scott Geier, "A Lesson in Honeysuckle"

who we are

We're dreamers. Designers. Devotées of detail. Diviners of what matters most.

what we believe

We believe that what really elevates your wedding isn't the height of your centerpieces or the number of tiers on your cake, but how thoroughly your wedding day incorporates the details that tell your unique love story.

what we do

As detail-obsessed planners with a gift for design, we take the insights we get from your past, your present, and your dreams for the future and help you find ways to incorporate truly personal touches into every aspect of your celebration.

where we come from

We started out in the Washington, DC, area over 20 years ago, wanting to give our kids birthday parties they'd always remember. In short order, we were creating three-dimensional props, designing our own games, and even tracking down the right music and sound effects to make each theme a real experience. Over time, we expanded to family and friends, and then to friends of friends. When we got to friends of friends of friends of friends, we knew we were onto something. Since then we've planned and staged hundreds of events, from pirate parties and murder mysteries to engagement parties, showers, and rehearsal dinners. We "graduated" to weddings — our real love and true calling — in 2009.

In the process, we've learned how to create a huge impact, plan for every contingency, and infuse each event with personal touches that will create lasting memories for you and your guests.

why honeysuckle events?

Simply because honeysuckle is so firmly entwined in the language of love. To the Victorians, it stood for happiness and symbolized a lover's embrace. And folklore says that if honeysuckle is brought into a home when it's in bloom, a wedding will soon take place in that family. How could we choose anything else?

Ready to start planning your dream wedding? We take only 20 weddings each year — and never more than one per weekend — to make sure each couple gets our undivided attention leading up to their big day. To see if we're still available on the date(s) you're considering, say hello today!
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