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the best decision we made

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Reed and I are so incredibly grateful for you! In all the hesitation around hiring a planner at all and no clear vision for our wedding, YOU were the best decision we made! Our free time was limited, we had zero knowledge of the wedding planning space, and we had only 6 months to pull it all together. We quickly recognized that we didn't know what we didn't know, so we needed someone who was up to the challenge, responsive to our many questions, yet accommodating to our busy work schedules. Oh boy, if we knew then what we know now, we would have hired you immediately following our engagement! Your knowledge of this space and the industry, your creativity, your patience, your professionalism, your ability to take an idea and turn it into a beautiful vision (and ultimately the perfect wedding day), your talent, kind-heartedness & friendship ... these are just a few of the many things we love about you! We can never thank you enough for all you did to make our day exactly what we hoped for and more. All our love!! - Amy T

better at getting what you want than you are

Rebecca is amazing. She has a way of asking questions that makes her better at getting what you want than you are. Once she figured out how to implement all our half-baked ideas in a way that made sense not just thematically but logistically, she took the tone and elements we'd created and suggested tweaks we’d never have thought of. Rebecca provided services I didn't even know we needed until she was there solving problems and elevating every single element of our wedding. Her creative guidance, combined with her ability to distill your own voice and ideas in a way you don't yet realize is possible, is like nothing I’ve ever seen. - Chase N.

our wedding wouldn't have been the same

After initially planning to hire someone for day-of coordination only, I'm so glad we found Rebecca and decided to do full planning instead. As I am very organized and had a vision of what I wanted, I didn't think we needed anything more than someone to manage the vendors and schedule on the day of. I was most definitely wrong...our wedding certainly wouldn't have been the same, and may not even have been possible with just a day-of coordinator. There are so many details and unforeseen difficulties that arise in all weddings — but particularly in planning a destination wedding — and I'm glad we had a professional to help us troubleshoot all along the way. We worked with Rebecca for an entire year, and she was always readily available for every (seemingly endless) uncertainty or crazy new idea I had. Her planning software made communication, sharing inspiration photos, and keeping all brainstorming and planning details organized easy and constantly accessible to all involved. It was worth every penny to have Rebecca to juggle the many intricacies of planning a destination wedding and problem-solve every minuscule, or at times large, issue that I otherwise would have struggled with from states away. Most importantly, on the day of, we didn't have a single worry and could focus solely on enjoying the day, as we knew Rebecca would handle any "fires" that did arise and make sure everything went off without a hitch. I would definitely recommend Rebecca to anyone planning a wedding. She will help create the wedding you imagined via Pinterest, including ideas you hadn't even considered and resolving issues you couldn't have foreseen. - Dany McD.

every detail perfectly planned

Where do I begin to rave about Rebecca and her team? I would 100% recommend her services to any bride in need of a wedding planner! Not only was she flawless the day of, but she assisted for 6 months leading up to the big day. From vendor recommendations to budgeting to linen colors, Rebecca was there every step of the way. Every detail of the wedding was perfectly planned and it would not have been nearly as wonderful without her and her dedicated team. THANK YOU, Rebecca and Honeysuckle Events, for the best night of my life. - Lisa C.

just what we needed

When we began planning our wedding, we decided we wanted to handle all the details ourselves so that everything would have our personal touch ... we were sure nobody else would be able to see our vision and we'd end up with a 'cookie-cutter' wedding. But when I started waking up in the middle of the night with thoughts of details not yet addressed and choices not yet made, we realized we were close to being overwhelmed. By the end of our first meeting with Rebecca, I was convinced that she not only could see our vision but was just what we needed to actually pull it off. She helped us refine our ideas in ways we'd never have thought of, and offered suggestions and encouragement without ever making us feel like we'd left our original concept behind. On our wedding day, Rebecca and her team brought our dreams to life. They turned our rented tent into a magical outdoor reception space, highlighted with an amazing display of family photos in our 'family tree.' Of course, they also coordinated all the vendor activities, running interference as needed and allowing us to completely enjoy our day without ever thinking about what was next on the schedule. - Nicki D.

tireless energy & enthusiasm

I don't think I could ever find enough words to adequately tell you how much we appreciate your help. Over the past several months, you've been our guide, our confidante, our right hand (and sometimes left, too), and our new friend. We never would have made it without you! Thank you for all of your organization, your amazing ideas, your tireless energy and enthusiasm, and your electric cattle-prodding as necessary. And thank you for listening, advising, laughing and crying with us. - Lynn R.

the best decision we made (again)

Rebecca and her team truly saved the day when my wife and I got married. With strong organizational skills, plus experience in catering and hosting large parties, we were convinced we could handle the planning of our wedding on our own. But that fanciful notion went out the window pretty quickly as we realized we wouldn't enjoy the months before the wedding, much less the wedding day itself, without help. Turning to Rebecca was the best decision we made during the entire planning process! She brought a large variety of creative suggestions, as well as an analytical eye, to the things we said we wanted to do. She spent a great deal of time with us gaining an understanding of how we wanted our day to go and what our true priorities were, then used those insights to research the realities as well as alternatives for the plans we were making. She brought back logical, organized information about costs and logistical details, which let us make much better-educated decisions. It all paid off: Every detail of our wedding day was perfect! - Susan S.

attention to detail

As the mother of the bride trying to plan a wedding in one city with my daughter four hours away in another, I knew I needed help. I can't tell you how wonderful Rebecca is. She was a dream come true for us. Her attention to detail is amazing. She was always there in times of stress and relieved us of most of it. Rebecca is an amazing event planner, and you will not be disappointed with her services. Thank you, Rebecca, for helping my daughter achieve the wedding of her dreams. - Susan O.

I don't think we could have done it without you

Rebecca, I don't even know where to start. You've truly been a Godsend to us, and we are so grateful not only for your help with our wedding, but for our new friendship. I don't think we could have done this without you before our health crisis ... and certainly couldn't have pulled it off afterwards. Thank you for all your work, support and love. - Kelley H.

she got exactly what we were going for

Rebecca was just wonderful! We had only a few vague, unrelated ideas about what we wanted — pirates, princesses, plenty of purple and vintage touches, a little bit of Disney, and lots and lots of books — but from the beginning, she understood exactly what we were going for. She came up with a concept that wove all of it, along with many of her own suggestions, into a coherent, quirky wedding that was totally us. From the moment she came on board, our wedding planning was totally stress-free. Not only is she super-easy to work with, but she helped us find a great deal on the perfect venue, had great insights on vendors, worked magic with our budget, and was so tuned in to every detail that we could enjoy not only the wedding day but our entire engagement. We can’t thank her enough! - Caitie H.

a perfect day without ANY stress

I’ll sum it up for you. Our wedding wouldn’t have been as wonderful, on time, organized, and beautiful without Rebecca. I highly recommend her to whoever is looking for their perfect day without ANY stress. She thought of everything I would need and then some! - Callie S.

huge relief

Thank you so much for your amazing help with our wedding! It was a huge relief knowing we had a professional ensuring that the day would turn out to be our dream wedding. Throughout the planning, I really appreciated your insight, thoughts, and guidance on making the day run smoothly ... you made the whole planning process so much less stressful. It's been such a pleasure working with you. - Ashley M.

truly thankful

Where do I even start with Rebecca?! She was absolutely amazing. I can honestly say that I had my dream wedding, and I have to say a huge part was due to having her by my side. Rebecca was not only our month-of coordinator, but she helped to create a vision board when we first started the planning process, which aided in creating a stunning wedding. She was always there for advice when needed, as well as much-needed guidance when we felt "stuck." The timeline she created for the day of the wedding was loved by all of my vendors. They were appreciative of her efficiency, as was I. I could not imagine my wedding going any better, and I am truly thankful we decided to hire Rebecca. - Claire B.