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We've got years of experience managing logistics, orchestrating details, and recognizing and avoiding pitfalls. The real question is just how much of your own personalities you want to infuse into your best day yet. If your answer is "so much!" you're definitely in the right place.

We start every new relationship with a free initial consultation to be sure we're a good fit. Then we'll learn what puts the biggest smiles on your faces, sort through all the fragments of ideas you’ve been collecting, and help you figure out which package is best suited to your unique needs.

full wedding planning

Imagine the relief of having an expert to manage the planning process, help you make informed decisions, attend vendor consultations, keep track of the hundreds of details, and finally pull everything together into a perfectly coordinated wedding day where your only responsibility is to enjoy every moment. Can you feel your shoulders starting to relax?
Planning a wedding from start to finish can easily take over 100 hours  — not counting the time you’ll spend brainstorming and daydreaming — and just over half of all brides surveyed by Forbes spent 10 or more hours planning each week.
Juggling work, family, friends, and all. those. details. can be a daunting task even for the most organized couple. As a busy professional, having an experienced full-service wedding planner at your side is the smartest investment you’ll make.
You’ll still make all the final decisions and participate as fully as you want to, but we’ll be here to guide you every step of the way in creating a celebration that suits your personality, style, and budget.  We’ll even put all that at your fingertips with access to a collaborative online planning portal so you’re never more than a few keystrokes away from all your notes, contracts, budget numbers, and inspiration photos.
Let’s get together for wine or coffee and chat about your ideas; we’d love to talk about how we can work together to create an incredible celebration for you. Drop us an email to receive complete details and pricing via PDF or give us a call today.

partial wedding planning

You’re off to a good start on planning your wedding day! You’ve already booked the perfect venue, sketched a general wedding budget, and lined up at least a few of your event professionals. Now what?
You know there’s a lot more to planning this celebration, but it’s almost impossible to know what you don’t know — especially if you’re planning a destination wedding. You’re worried about making a wrong decision or missing key deadlines. And how are you going to pull all of those Pinterest ideas together to create a cohesive look on your wedding day?
The good news is that you don’t have to figure it out on your own. If all this is keeping you up at night, hiring a wedding planner is the next logical step. Having an experienced professional at your side to give solid advice, make sound vendor recommendations, give design advice and feedback, and make sure you’re on track throughout the planning process is a smart investment. And our online planning portal is the icing on the cake!
Email us to receive a comprehensive rundown and pricing via PDF, and learn how Partial Wedding Planning can be the perfect choice for you. Enjoy the planning process again, and relax knowing you can have confidence in every decision you’re making for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

wedding day management

You’ve handled the planning; now let us manage the details so you can truly enjoy your wedding day!
With our most basic package — designed for local couples who’d rather plan every aspect themselves — we take a back seat until 60 days before your wedding. We shift into high gear at that point to bring your plans to life, hosting a two-hour "details" meeting to understand how you want your day to unfold. And (of course) we’ll attend a final meeting at your venue with you, finalize timing and logistics with your vendor team, create a detailed timeline, coordinate your rehearsal, and keep track of every detail throughout your wedding day.
Wedding management services are always included in our full and partial planning packages, but we also accept a limited number of wedding management-only engagements.

à la carte wedding planning services

No matter which package you choose, there may be times when you want just a little more help … or a little more sleep. Give yourself time — and permission! — to focus on enjoying your engagement by handing off some of the nitty-gritty details to us.
Hourly concierge assistance? Invitation assembly or RSVP management? Help with all the social events surrounding your wedding? Let us work up a custom quote to add these stress-busters and more to your planning package.

We can’t wait to meet you and learn more about your wedding celebration! Take a minute to reach out right now to request pricing information and a full description of available services via PDF. Learn more about our services and figure out what works best for you ... or call 910.599.2589 to schedule your free consultation and we'll help you decide.